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    Questions & Answers

What is the Home Savings One Program?

Your passport to special discounts on products and services offered only to members of the Home Savings Program.

What kind of product discounts and services do we offer?
More than 50 different discounted products and services. Everything from restaurant specials to best prices on your next rented automobile.

Who is eligible to receive the Home Savings One membership?
Buyers and/or Sellers that have a transaction with one of our Real Estate One Family of Companies Sales Associates.

How do I become a Home Savings One member?
If you don’t automatically receive the Home Saving One discount password after your transaction, then contact your Real Estate One Sales Associate and ask them to register for you and/or your partner.

Is there a fee for the Home Savings One Program?
There is NO fee for the Home Savings One discount card if you are involved in a transaction with a Real Estate One Family of Companies Sales Associate.

Does my Home Savings One membership expire?
NO. More reason to Keep Coming Back to your Sales Associate’s website or www.HomeSavingOne.com to get an updated list of partners.

How do I use the Home Savings One?
Visit HomeSavingsOne.com and login to our Vendor Directory. Each vendor page has details for the discounts and special offers available to Home Savings One members.

Can I still get the Home Savings membership if my Sale Associates forgot to at the time of my original transaction?
Yes, just ask your Sales Associate to register you for a Home Savings One membership or contact us.

I lost my Home Savings One password – What do I do?
Use the contact us link to request that we e-mail you your password information. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive your password. contact us.

What if I have questions concerning a partner?
Contact Home Savings One at 800-509-5368.

How do I get updated information about new partners?
Go on-line to www.HomeSavingsOne or to your Sales Associates website for updates to the program anytime. We bring on new partners and offers on a continuing basis.

How can I trust the credibility of the partners?
Each and every partner is prescreened and comes highly recommended making your choice easy. All of our partners are Licensed, Bonded and Insured as applicable to their particular industry standards.

Can anyone get the same offers and discounts available through the Home Savings One Program?
In order to get the Home Savings One specials on products and services you must be a Home Savings One member.

How can I suggest a certain business or category for the Home Savings One Program?
Call Home Savings at 800-509-5368, or contact us.

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  When you work with our Family of Companies, you have access to discounts on products and services. Follow the Home Savings Program in 3 easy steps. Helpful before, during and after your real estate transaction. Each Home Savings Partner receives internal marketing exposure and must guarantee our clients "Best Priority Service".